Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Islamic Finance Forum 2008

At IIR it’s always been our endeavour to bring you the newest strategic developments and concepts within Islamic finance at our International Islamic Finance Forum (IIFF) events. With this objective in mind, IIFF this year will be particularly special, addressing and including new markets like Kazakhstan, Turkey, France and Latin America to name a few.

This October will mark the 15th edition of IIFF, and we will be returning to Istanbul in Turkey to celebrate the occasion. You will learn and participate in new facilitated sessions that will provide you with more networking opportunities than ever before, with top Shari’ah experts and practitioners from both the region and the international arena. In addition, you will participate in highly interactive and in-depth post-forum workshops which will take your knowledge to the next natural level of excellence.

As you might be aware, since its introduction in 1985, participation (interest free) banking has grown rapidly in Turkey to meet increased demand from customers who are looking for new products and services as alternatives to conventional banking.Highlighting the growing appetite for Islamic products among all clients, the theme and topics for IIFF – New Markets have been meticulously researched, enabling you to strengthen your understanding of the concepts, mechanisms and regulations governing what is set to become the most promising financial sector both for Muslims and non-Muslims.You will benefit from insights into the industry from an impressive line up of speakers from the top Islamic finance hubs of the world and will have the chance to engage these leading minds through meaningful debate and discussion.

Pioneering international Islamic finance practitioners and the world’s leading Islamic scholars will converge in Istanbul from 13 – 17 October for IIFF – New Markets, the most important networking event in the Islamic finance industry calendar.As participants, you will not only hear from some of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the industry, but you will be able to put questions to the experts. The Forum will surely enable you to share your goals, challenges and experiences with the conference faculty as well as your peers.

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