Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Nakheel Tower (Burj Nakheel)

It seems like the Burj Dubai will be dethroned from the “world’s tallest tower” position as (also) in Dubai will be built a one kilometer skyscraper. The tower was designed by Woods Bagot architects and it will be built by Nakheel, the same developer which has built those fancy state-of-the-art man-made islands in Dubai. The skyscraper will be called Nakheel Tower and as a bonus, there will also be built world’s first inner city harbor.

The entire construction area will be of 270 hectares, and when the Nakheel Tower and Harbor will be finished, it will provide enough space for 55,00 inhabitants, workplaces for 45,000 people, and for millions of tourists every year. Although it will be one kilometer-high, the skyscraper will only feature 200 floors, but this could change as the developers don’t want to tell us more about the actual height as rivals could build taller towers.

Nakheel Tower will have four individual towers within a single structure – a groundbreaking engineering feat. A distinctive crescent-shaped podium encircles the base and complements its remarkable height.

"Nakheel has sought inspiration not just from Islamic design but also from the Islamic principles of inclusion, innovation, diversity, excellence, growth and progress. These are the same principles that have motivated and guided Islamic culture and helped create its great cities throughout history. Now they are shaping the cities of the future," enthused His Excellency Sultan Bin Sulayem.

Not only has a development of this shape and scale not been attempted before, but it is also a further example of Nakheel's innovative projects that have changed the way the world looks at Dubai.

The multibillion dollar Nakheel Harbour & Tower development will include 250,000m2 of hotels and hospitality space, 100,000 m2 of retail space and huge expanses of green spaces including canal walks, parks and landscaping. The new development is geographically central to the Emirate of Dubai, at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Road and the Arabian Canal; and will also complement Nakheel's surrounding developments including Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Islands, Discovery Gardens and Ibn Battuta shopping mall.

The Nakheel Harbour & Tower development minimises car use and maximises train, bus and water transportation. A complete transportation hub blends into the harbour area with metro transportation combined with a unique water transport interchange, with Abra & Dhow station links.

Sustainability and safety will be key to the planning and design of Nakheel Harbour & Tower, with the latest standards and technology incorporated in the development.

"The inspiration for the project came from Sheikh Mohammed's vision for building for tomorrow," said His Excellency. "He is famously quoted as saying that 'before evaluating the future, we have to take a quick look at the past. For it is the foundation of tomorrow'.

"It sends another message to the world that Dubai has a vision like no other place on earth."

Source from : Nakheel Properties


  1. This Burj (Tower) will be completed on 2020...So, there maybe not a single one...From my research, Saudi Arabia also will be announce a new skyscraper, this height maybe 1,600 metre. Enough to compete all the tallest skyscaper in the world...

  2. another skyscaper---> 2,600m will be build in Dubai also.

  3. I think that instead of spending only on architecture and construction, Dubai authorities must also focus on other aspects as they are just focusing on real estate and property industry to fight with current crisis faced by Dubai nowadays.


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